Merry Christmas!

20 Dec 2010

Hello Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas! Thank you for taking the time to come to our family blog to read our 2010 Christmas letter. As I am sitting here writing this letter to all of you, Kevin is outdoors snow blowing the snow that has fallen from a record breaking snow storm. Neither of us have ever seen this much snow fall. Crazy! We have enjoyed being snowed in for two days now. I must say we have done a lot of relaxing!

We are able to share with you that the Lord has blessed us in numerous ways over this entire year. This year has been mixed with a lot of fun activities and a lot of relaxing moments. We thought it would be fun for us to share with you our top 5 fondest moments of this year. Enjoy!

  1. Summers are always short here in Minnesota, so you will see that we cram in as much fun as we can while the warm sun is shining. In June, Kevin and I decided to run our first 5K together. You would not have wanted to witness our attitudes at 5 am each morning as we began training. After a few weeks of training, Kevin and I were able to share a few smiles with one another. We are hoping to run our 2nd race next summer.
  2. We decided to take a road trip to Colorado with some close friends for our summer vacation. We knew before we left for our trip that we were going to have a blast, but what we didn’t know was that we were going to make memories that would last a life time. Words cannot express the amount of fun we had!
  3. Kevin informed me that he was in need of a “man trip”. Being a loving wife I told him to go and have fun. =) Kevin, along with 3 other guys rented a motor home and took a road trip to Ohio to visit the largest theme park in the world, Cedar Point. Good times!
  4. We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary this year by heading to Minneapolis to enjoy the musical, Footloose. It was a wonderful weekend away. What made it even better was that my boss paid for the entire weekend. Thank you Steve!
  5. For the last couple of years we have wanted to go see the musical Wicked. When we heard it was coming to Minneapolis there was nothing that was going to stop us from getting tickets to the show. We were able to enjoy the evening with our dear friends. The show was phenomenal!

We have saved the most exciting news for last. We are happy to share with you all that we are done with our adoption home study. We are officially “waiting” to be chosen by a birth mom. We are beyond ready to have our family of two become three! Our prayer is that next year we are able to share with you that we have been blessed with a child to raise for the Lord!

May Jesus always be your joy, your hope, and your song. We pray this Christmas and each day of the New Year will be directed by His guiding hand of love! Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year!

With Love,

Kevin and Nicole Youel

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For the last couple of years I have wanted to get  lost in the blogging world.   The one problem I have had was the fear of how to start and what direction to go.  Last year I decided to dive in and create a blog at  I slowly realized I was not near as dedicated to blogging as I thought I would be.  A year has gone by and I still constantly think about how much I would like to have a blog of my own.  I finally sat down with Kevin and asked him for help.  After all he is a graphic designer!   To enhance my excitement Kevin suggested that we purchase a .com address.  It looked overwhelming at first, but after taking time to play around on the site I LOVE it!  Thank you Kevin!  I will be the main author of this blog, but I do hope from time to time Kevin will add his flavor to the site.  I do feel the need to confess one of the real reasons I have become motivated to jump back on the blog bandwagon. It  is due to the movie Julia and Julia. I won’t go crazy and spend all of my hard earned money cooking over 500 recipes in a year, but I do hope to keep up the motivation and blog on a weekly basis.  I have high hopes of sharing with you what is going on in our everyday lives, our vacations, photos, our adoption process and anything else my heart desires.  

The colors and design for my background in this blog was inspired by the fabric I am using for my first sewing project!  Yes, I will post more on that project once it is completed.  Below is a peek of the fabric I am using!

Thank you Kevin for creating the design for me.  I hope I don’t get the itch to change the background soon.  Just kidding…kind of.  Let the blogging begin!!!

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